The magnificence of the surrounding hills invites us to pedal for the gentle slopes, whether they lead us to the Val Marecchia, that towards the Val Conca the paths are beautiful and differentiated, wide tree-lined avenues or the most challenging single track of the Jungle of Chestnut trees in Alta Val Marecchia will make us truly memorable the days spent on the saddle.

At the villa you can rent three mountain bikes Cannondale and Gary Fischer and a fun but challenging mountain-Tandem.

The possibility to visit some of the most beautiful villages in Italy such as Verucchio, S. Leo or Saludecio, all less than 30 km of pedalling, makes the bike ride so to speak a truly cultural sport.

Another prerogative that is granted is to visit the city and all the coast in the saddle, in fact Rimini is all ciclabilizzata and the slopes reach Cattolica always on the shore of the Adriatic Sea.

Of the magnificent days await you.

One night not to be missed is the night of the fireflies, towards the end of May, to revive a night of lost poetry.