Always to remain faithful to what is the philosophy of Sottoalfico, also the experience that we wanted to offer our guests, could only remain in the groove of quality.
Quality, and of the raw material and human relationships, so as to give an answer also to the new trend of tourism of charm, which for us new is not, and that is not only where we go but from who we go, that people we will meet and what emotions we will try.

So not only the place, but also and especially the chi.

And so the choice was to offer our guests the possibility, even now in the autumn, to come with us in the morning to choose the ingredients, the first step necessary to a healthy, good and seasonal cuisine.

Knowing the people that fish have fished or the farmer that vegetable has cultivated for months with love and dedication are the fantastic prelude to a big dinner.

In addition to accompanying us to the central market of Rimini, with the largest fish market in the Adriatic, our guests can choose with us the best products that our territory offers and then learn to turn them into large dishes following our Cooking classes or simply tasting them in a delicious expertly transformed dinner.

And then it will be magnificent after a passage in our garden to collect what the nature and the season offers us to look for the perfect fish to match the vegetables just harvested or go to the farmer to look for the animal of low court that I know, now to match To the pomegranite of our trees and so for endless and yummy creations that always the great product suggests.

Italy and Emilia Romagna in particular, as also enshrined in the New York Times, which has recently identified it as a region where it is best eaten in the world, is a mine of biodiversity and excellencies that can prove to be a real "experience".